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Jesus v. Abortion: They Know Not What They Do is available from: Amazon link and Wipf and Stock link It is written by Charles Bellinger, Assoc. Prof. of Theology and Ethics, Brite Divinity School/TCU You can reach me with comments about the book at: Overview: There are three main positions that people adopt within the abortion debate: pro-life, muddled middle, and pro-choice. Jesus v. Abortion critiques the pro-choice and muddled middle positions, employing several unusual angles: (1) The question "What would Jesus say about abortion if he were here today?" is given very substantial treatment. (2) The abortion debate is usually conducted using moral and metaphysical arguments; this book adds in anthropological insights regarding the function of violence in human culture. (3) Rights language is employed by both sides of the debate, to opposite ends; this book leads the reader to ask deep questions about the concept of "rights